Beta 64


Beta 64
Intermission screen of Beta 64Intermission screen of Beta 64
Author Antnee
Port Doom64 EX
IWAD Doom 64
Year 2018
Link Doomworld forums thread

Beta 64 is a 32-map megawad for Doom 64 created by Antnee. One of the first publicly released megawads for the game, Beta 64 actually began its development cycle a year after the release of Doom 64 in 1997, in the form of a series of map notes drawn on paper by Antnee, in the hope of turning it into a full fledged megawad as soon as proper tools would become available. Many of these notes and drawings would ultimately make it to the final product. The project was planned to be released for the Doom 64 TC for the Doomsday Engine in 2008, but that plan fell through until the project was picked up again for the Doom64 EX source port in 2015, ultimately being released to the public on October 19, 2018.



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