Bethesda plush toys


Bethesda released a line of licensed plush toys designed by Gaming Heads on their official online store starting on September 5, 2013.[1] Thus far, the line includes three products: the cacodemon, pain elemental, and Doom marine.


Cacodemon plush.
Pain elemental plush.
Doom marine plush.


The cacodemon plush was one of the first to be released. It is approximately seven inches in height, horns included. It currently retails for US $19.99.

"We've replaced the ability to float and the ball-lightning belching with extra cuddly characteristics (the big mouth is still intact — all the better to smile at you with) ... [it] is believed to be largely safe."
― Official description

Pain elemental[edit]

Released along with the cacodemon, the pain elemental plush is also around seven inches in height including its horns. It also currently retails for US $19.99 and only available in UK/EU. The plush is sold out in the US and Asia Pacific.

"Lost Souls not guaranteed to be included (so only rough him up at your own risk)."
― Official description

Doom marine[edit]

The Doom marine stands eleven inches tall and holds a plasma rifle. It currently retails for US $19.99 and is sold out.

"Armed with his trusty Plasma Gun, this Space Marine is ready to battle any demonically cuddly demons that Hell may throw his way."
― Official description


John Romero is known to own both the cacodemon and pain elemental plushes and previously kept them on the mantle above his fireplace. They can be seen in the Devs Play - Doom web video series on YouTube.

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