Beyond Doom: The Apocalypse


Beyond Doom: The Apocalypse
Title screen
Authors Anthony Galica, et all
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 1998
Link Doomworld/idgames

Beyond Doom: The Apocalypse is a Doom II megawad and partial conversion, created by a team led by Anthony Galica, that was in development throughout the late nineties, until work on it ceased around September 1998. A mostly complete version was subsequently uploaded to the /idgames archive on May 12, 2006, with some unfinished level layouts. This megawad replaces most of the existing weapons and several of the enemies with new, often wacky creations through DeHackEd, and contains 21 maps (19 regular + 2 secret), plus a new soundtrack for the first five levels.


Levels for the WAD were made by:

  • Anthony Galica
  • Tim McConnel
  • Tom Gift
  • Jacco van Buuren
  • Peter Gozon (Klaus)
  • Michael Freeth
  • Brian Owens
  • Ed Brown
  • Colin Pierson

Graphics and sounds for the WAD were made by:

DeHackEd for the WAD was made by:

  • Anthony Galica
  • Gaston Lahaut

Music for the WAD was written by:

  • James Donovan
  • Rich Ciardullo



  • Laser rifle (replaces both the fist and the plasma rifle, but only the plasma rifle replacement consumes ammo)
  • Gatling gun (replaces the shotgun, rapid fire chaingun utilizing shotgun ammo)
  • Miniguns (twin chainguns with a fast fire rate, replaces the chaingun)
  • Rapid-fire cannon (rapid fire rocket launcher replacement)
  • Nuclear disrupter (replaces the BFG9000, behaves the same but consumes 100 ammo)


  • Kazi-barrel (a barrel with legs that replaces the zombieman, tries to get close to the player and self-detonates)
  • Armored kazi-barrel (similar to the above, but boasting more hit points, replaces the hanging torso, brain removed decoration)
  • CKD (a predator-looking enemy armed with a shotgun that fires twice in rapid succession, replaces the shotgunner)
  • Troll (a demon variant that's gray in color and attacks faster)
  • Flame of death (a floating variant of the baron of Hell, engulfed in a yellow flame, replacing the cacodemon)
  • Ghoul (a brown floating creature that's largely invisible, only revealing itself when lunging at the player, replaces the pain elemental)
  • Centaur (a bizarre creature, with the torso of a blue baron and the body of a centaur from Hexen, replacing the Wolfenstein SS)
  • Master-vile (a stronger, golden-colored version of the arch-vile, which on top of the regular fire attack, can also summon spawn cubes when entering the pain state)
  • Cyber mastermind (the upper half of the cyberdemon sitting on the spider mastermind chassis, and replacing the latter, it fires large homing rockets, or a flurry of regular rockets when entering the pain state)

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