For information about the enemy from Hexen, see Dark bishop.
The player of Strife confronts The Order's military leader, the Bishop. He also carries the second piece of the Sigil.

The Bishop is the second linear boss of Strife, and is the first boss to be directly possessed by a Spectre. The player encounters him in his fortress tower. He has bipedal legs similar to the crusaders, and a human upper body on what looks like a rotating platform. He also carries a massive missile launcher on his right arm that is able to home on its targets, and he wears the second piece of the Sigil around his neck. He has 500 hit points and goes down fairly easily, however his missiles can be a threat to inexperienced players, added with the threat of his Spectre complicating things. Upon death, the Bishop drops a crate of missiles and his Spectre will come out. There is also an explosion, dealing blast damage to all nearby characters, including the player.

Due to a coding error, the Bishop's missiles move twice as fast on Training skill level and half as fast on Bloodbath. This makes the Bishop easier to kill on higher skill levels.


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