Bishop's missiles have reversed skill properties


In Strife, multiple monsters including the Bishop change properties of their own definitions and the definitions of the types of missiles they fire depending on the skill a player selects when starting a new game.

The Bishop, however, unlike all other monsters, becomes more difficult on the easiest skill level of the game, and easier on the highest skill level. This appears to be the result of semantic confusion and not an intentional behavior, judging from the nature of the surrounding code.

The change made to the Bishop's lethal homing missiles causes them to become twice as fast if the game is started on Training skill, and half normal speed when playing on Bloodbath.


This error seems to have happened because nearby code uses the same operator to increase the amount of tics in monsters' walking frames so that they walk slower. Applying the same logic to a speed, rather than a length of time, results in an increase in speed rather than a decrease, however. The converse is true for the slow-down in Bloodbath skill.