Blood Maykr


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The blood Maykr charges up its energy in this capture from the teaser trailer.

The blood Maykr is a new enemy which appears in The Ancient Gods, Part One, the first downloadable content expansion for Doom Eternal. It is a Maykr angel corrupted by the influence of Hell.[1] It is able to fly like a Maykr drone, and has been seen firing cross-shaped beams of energy from its staff; it can fire two of these beams in a spread formation and can also fire a spray of energy bullets like the Maykr drone. To defend itself, it can rapidly dash backwards. Unlike the previously seen Maykrs, its face is exposed and it wears a helmet that resembles a set of demonic horns. It somewhat resembles a smaller version of the Khan Maykr in several respects, especially in the shape of the head and the presence of wings.

Tactical analysis[edit]

The Blood Maykr has a shield, much like the Khan Maykr. While its shield effect is deployed, its weak point—the head—is protected. The shield will lower when it fires its double energy blast, allowing the player an opportunity to attack for maximum damage. The head is especially weak to shotgun sticky bombs and the heavy cannon precision bolt. Striking the head with the either of these weapons will deal bonus damage to the Blood Maykr like a Maykr drone, and like its weaker cousin a headshot kill will produce a shower of resources. While the body is not protected absolutely, shots taken there do minimal damage.[1] If the player is unable to kill the Blood Maykr during this window, the Blood Maykr will deal its most devastating attacks. The first is a barrage of cross-shaped beams in a distinct one-two pattern, firing the first beam forward and then releasing a pair in an outward cone to hit players that dodge to the side. The second is when the Blood Maykr flies into the air and hurls its staff at the player's position, leaving behind an area that both damages and slows the player caught in its vicinity.


When the Icon of Sin was awakened within Urdak, many Maykr angels were corrupted by its will. The Blood Maykrs are said to have hellfire coursing through their veins, with their minds shattered by the Icon's wrath. They move freely among the demons while wrecking havoc on their former home. They retain the spears they carried as loyal servants of Urdak, which they can hurl with the force of a thunderbolt.

Glory kills[edit]

  • The Slayer punches the Blood Maykr, pulls away its staff, and impales the Blood Maykr through the mouth with it.
  • The Slayer kicks the Blood Maykr's wings off and decapitates it with the Doom blade when it turns around.
  • The Slayer lands on the Blood Maykr's chest and stomps on its head.
  • The Slayer lands on the Blood Maykr's back and stomps on its head when it looks at him.


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