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The Blood Swamps
The Ancient Gods, Part One
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The Blood Swamps is the second level of The Ancient Gods, Part One, the first expansion for Doom Eternal. The level is set in the Blood Swamps, a fetid swampland in the bowels of Hell, above which is a location called Ingmore's Sanctum where the life sphere of The Father is stored. The Seraphim has tasked the Doom Slayer with recovering this sphere as he believes only the Father can prevent his Transfiguration and restore Urdak; however, the Slayer intends to destroy the life sphere instead. To reach the Sanctum, the Slayer must complete a rite known as the Trial of Maligog.

"With Samuel Hayden revealed as the mysterious Seraphim, the Slayer journeys into Hell once more to seek the resting place of the Father's essence. Only the creator of all things can save Urdak and repel the hordes of Hell. The mire of the Blood Swamps is littered with the corpses of countless dead who have tried, and failed, to reach the peaks of Ingmore's Sanctum where the Father's life sphere lies."
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The Blood Swamps extend for miles across Hell, ridden with disease and plagued by acid rain. In the center of the swampland, the Ingmore's Sanctum rises into the clouds as a solitary remnant of Hell's ancient past as the holy realm of Jekkad. From the sanctum, the Father once made decrees of wisdom and oversaw his many works. It is there, in the mausoleum of gods, that his life sphere is stored. The sanctity of the spheres is protected by an ancient ritual known as the Trial of Maligog.

During the Unholy Crusades, lone Night Sentinel warriors sometimes wandered into the swamps attempting to overcome the Trial and reach the rumored resting place of the Father. Argenta legends state that their spirits are bound eternally to the grounds of the Trial, waiting to witness it finally overcome.

Areas / screenshots[edit]


  • The two final trial arenas on either side of the level have names on the fast travel menu which are references to characters from Doom 3:
    • The structure at the end of the left half is called Betruger Castle, a reference to Malcolm Betruger.
    • The structure at the end of the right half is called Ishii Castle, a reference to Jonathan Ishii.