Blood punch


The blood punch is an ability of the Doom Slayer in Doom Eternal, a devastating melee attack which can be unleashed after charging it with glory kills. The blood punch is first acquired in the form of a glowing artifact found in Exultia.


The blood punch is a melee attack that releases a shockwave when hitting a monster, damaging nearby foes in addition to the primary target. It can instantly kill (or at least severely damage) pinkies and spectres, and deal heavy damage to stronger monsters as well. Additionally, it can break through enemy shields, even magic ones like that of the arch-vile. It has a very high chance of weak point damage, including complete destruction of the cyber-mancubus's armor.

Although it does not require ammo, it must be charged before use by performing glory kills. Two glory kills will provide a single charge, and only one charge can be stored at a time.


While it is not upgraded directly, the blood punch receives three automatic upgrades upon clearing the following missions:

  • Doom Hunter Base: Blood punches are more powerful.
  • Sentinel Prime: Glory kills on heavy monsters will fully charge the blood punch.
  • Urdak: Each charge allows for the use of two blood punches before being expended, allowing the move to be used more often.


Two runes affect the blood punch:

  • Punch and Reave: Monsters killed with the blood punch are guaranteed to drop health pickups, which can be used in synergy with Health for Blood to keep the blood punch charged.
  • Desperate Punch (only in The Ancient Gods): The blood punch deals double damage if health is 75 or below.

Sentinel crystals[edit]

Two Sentinel crystal upgrades affect the blood punch:

  • Health for Blood: Health pickups acquired when the player's health is maxed out will charge the blood punch.
  • Armor for Blood: Armor pickups acquired when the player's armor is maxed out will charge the blood punch.

The Ancient Gods[edit]

Spirits will leave behind a blood punch charge when they are destroyed. In Part Two, the blood punch is the only way to kill a cursed prowler that has cursed the player; the player is given a blood punch charge when a curse takes hold.