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For the Doom II map of similar name, see MAP25: Bloodfalls (Doom II).

Bloodfall is the third and final pre-planned multiplayer downloadable content pack for Doom (2016), released by Bethesda simultaneously for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One world-wide on December 14, 2016.[1] As of July 19, 2017, the DLC package has been merged into the base game and is available to all players without a separate purchase.[2]


Doom (2016) DLC
Season Pass

New maps[edit]

  • Empyrian, an ancient floating, crumbling colosseum.
  • Boneyard, a battleground in the outer reaches of Hell where the environment is composed wholly of demonic flesh and bone.
  • Outbreak, a UAC facility overrun by escaped experiments.


The spectre is added to the demon rune. Fast and heavily armored, the pinky demon can stalk other players using its invisibility, and can attack with an instant-gib bull rush.

Weapons and items[edit]

  • The grenade launcher, a weapon banned by the UAC. Bank grenades off walls for splash damage, or use the weapon's secondary firing mode to detonate a smoke grenade for extra cover from enemy fire.
  • Lateral thrusters allow dodging enemy fire and add a third, mid-air jump.

Hack modules[edit]

  • Augmented healing
  • Extra protection
  • Gain extra health per health pickup
  • Gain extra armor per health pickup
  • Glory sight
  • Highlight enemies that can be glory killed from farther away



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