Boom Editing Utilities


Boom Editing Utilities
Developer(s) Jim Flynn
Initial release 1998-05-27 (26 years ago)
Development status Inactive
Written in C
Target Platform DOS, Windows, Linux

The Boom Editing Utilities are a collection of command line utilities that can be used in conjunction with the Boom source port and Boom-compatible ports. The package was written in 1998 by Jim Flynn of TeamTNT and originally ran in DOS. They provide advanced manipulation and editing of several lumps present in Boom, like the COLORMAP, TRANMAP, SWITCHES, and ANIMATED lumps.


The Boom Editing Utilities consist of the following programs:

  • CLED.EXE: A command line editor which can be used to change level properties in DOOM, DOOM II, or Boom WAD
  • CVTTHING.EXE: - A conversion tool to change WADs written for the release version of Boom to the maintenance release 1 version of BOOM
  • CMAPTOOL.EXE: A colormap generation utility, used to generate custom colormaps for use in Boom with 242 fake floor/ceiling specials. It creates a colormap lump from an input BMP file edited from one containing all colors of the DOOM palette. It can also generate the BMP file for the standard DOOM palette, or a custom palette/colormap used in a WAD
  • MAKETRLMP.EXE: A tool to convert a TRANMAP.DAT file made by BOOM into a TRANMAP.LMP file with the same name that can be included as a custom translucency lump. It is suitable for inclusion in a PWAD by deleting its header data
  • MUSPUT.EXE: A tool to put a music source file (MID, MUS) to a Doom, Doom II or Boom level
  • STAT.EXE: A program used to inspect the general nature of a WAD. It outputs statistics and balance information about a Doom, Doom II or Boom WAD
  • SWANTBLS.EXE: A conversion tool that converts a text file defining the switches and animated textures and flats to the lumps SWITCHES.LMP and ANIMATED.LMP for use in a Boom PWAD
  • TRIGCALC.EXE: A tool for calculating numbers for generalized linedef types. It computes a generalized linedef type number based on answers to questions about what it does

Windows port[edit]

In March 2022, Adam Bilbrough (Gibbon) ported the Boom Editing Utilities to Windows and included a few additional programs. The programs ported are:

  • BIN2C.EXE: This converts a binary file to a C array for inclusion in info.c from the Doom source code as a predefined lump
  • BMP2C.EXE: This converts a .BMP file for a patch or a graphic to a C array for inclusion in info.c as a predefined lump
  • MUS2MID.EXE: A tool to convert a .MUS file (or a list of possibly wildcarded .MUS files) to the corresponding .MID file(s). Its usage is MMUS2MID musfile[.MUS] and it writes musfile.MID as output
  • TODOS.EXE: Converts a UNIX format file to a DOS format file
  • TOUNIX.EXE: Converts a DOS format file to a UNIX format file

A Doomworld thread discussing the port was made on March 8, 2022.[1]

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  1. Doomworld forums thread