Boris Pereira


Boris Pereira (aka Boris) is from Brussels, Belgium. He is the cofounder of Doom Legacy, along with Denis Fabrice (faB).

Having coded in assembler, Turbo Pascal, and a little of C and C++, Fabrice and Pereira first developed the (Doomatic) launcher which made it easier to launch network games.

Then, as soon as the code source for Doom was released by id Software in December of 1997, he began to study it with faB and published the very first version of Doom Legacy on a small website hosted on his university account. This version was intended for hardware accelerated and Glide (3dFX) modes; thus, the initial desire was to fix the old bugs and to add functionalities that the recent games had, such as SVGA, freelook, support for more network players, etc.

Since Boris was a student in the same section of his university as Hurdler, he "recruited" him with the mission to translate the Glide code to OpenGL code.

Then, once Fabrice left, Hurdler helped him put the code in CVS, which is what enabled them to work with several other coders and to allow a whole team to work on the same project easily.

Boris later left the team, leaving Hurdler as the lead programmer of the project.