Braden Obrzut (Blzut3)


Braden Obrzut (Blzut3) started his involvement with the Doom community around 2004. He has since become a developer for Doomseeker, Zandronum, and ZDoom. Before becoming proficient in programming he was a mapper, initially involved with EDGE and Doom Legacy before discovering ZDoom and Skulltag.

He started working on ZDoom in late 2007 in order to add basic status bar scripting capabilities known as SBarInfo, which was primarily designed to allow an inventory heavy Skulltag mod known as Jurassic Rift to switch to the Heretic status bar. Later, he joined the Skulltag team where, due in part to Skulltag recently gaining Linux support, he was assigned the task to make a cross platform server browser. In late 2008 he started his own source port of Wolfenstein 3D, known as ECWolf, which borrows heavily from ZDoom's philosophy and code. With the public release of ECWolf in 2012 he has been more or less focused on that.

He has played a role in standardizing a scripting language for Strife dialogs, based off the work from UDMF, known as USDF. As part of a project to improve the ACS compiler, he wrote full documentation for the ZDoom ACS virtual machine which allowed Eternity Engine to provide support for ZDoom's extensions.

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