Bridgeburner56 (often just Bridgeburner) is a New Zealander Doom level designer. He is perhaps best known for The Slaughter Spectrum, which was selected as a runner-up during the 2019 Cacowards ceremony. He was also named one of the most promising newcomers of that year.

Bridgeburner56's level design is known for its distinct combination of slaughtermap tropes, prominent use of advance GZDoom features and sector detail inspired by graphic/logo design and tattoo art. This level design style has been noted to have been influential.[1]

He regularly streams on Twitch. He has also led many community projects on his Discord The Hellforge, which includes the Hellforge Speedmapping Sessions and the Mapwich series.

Body of work[edit]



  • Hellforge Speed Mapping Session 1 (Doomworld/idgames)
    • Project lead
    • MAP08: The most cluster of fucks


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