Brutal Doom: Hell on Earth Starter Pack


Brutal Doom: Hell on Earth Starter Pack
Title screen
Author Marcos Abenante
Port GZDoom
Year 2015
Link Mod DB
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Extermination Day (formerly known as Hell on Earth Starter Pack) is a 35-level WIP megawad add-on for Brutal Doom, created by Marcos Abenante (Sergeant Mark IV) and initially released on December 31, 2015. It is intended to be loaded with Doom II or Freedoom, using the included version of GZDoom which is pre-configured for play.

The most recent version is a work in progress and is in a nearly finished state as of May 2020. The megawad remakes Doom 1 and Doom 2 level design in a Build engine style. The first two levels from Duke Nukem 3D are also remade as secret levels. Several maps that Abenante created earlier have been remade to flow with the megawad.

Level/episode list[edit]

Episode 1 - Hell on Mars

  • EDAY01 "Hangar"
  • EDAY02 "Nukage Processing"
  • EDAY03 "Communications Center"
  • EDAY04 "Life Support Facility"
  • EDAY05 "Marine HQ"
  • EDAY06 "Nuclear Power Plant"
  • EDAY07 "Staging Area"
  • EDAY08 "Lab Complex Entrance"
  • EDAY09 "Bio Labs"
  • EDAY10 "Portal Testing Labs"

Episode 2 - Battle of Los Angeles

  • EDAY11 "The Air Base"
  • EDAY12 "Return to Earth"
  • EDAY13 "Dead Cargo"
  • EDAY14 "Industrial District"
  • EDAY15 "Road Blocks"
  • EDAY16 "Warzone"
  • EDAY17 "Twisted Neighborhood"
  • EDAY18 "Dead Streets" - secret exit to EDAY40
  • EDAY19 "Final Destination"
  • EDAY20 "Downtown Assault"
  • EDAY21 "Eye of the Storm"

Episode 3 - Behind Hellish Lines

  • EDAY22 "The Counter-Offensive"
  • EDAY23 "The Tower"
  • EDAY24 "Into the Black Jungle"
  • EDAY25 "Stronghold"
  • EDAY26 "House of the Hell Nobles"
  • EDAY27 "Necropolis"
  • EDAY28 "City of Dis"
  • EDAY29 "Imnpious Cathedral"
  • EDAY30 "Sacrificial Grounds"
  • EDAY31 "Peak of the Gods"
  • EDAY32 "Devil's Domain"

Secret Levels

  • EDAY40 "Los Angeles Holocaust" - secret exit to EDAY41
  • EDAY41 "Red Light District" - secret exit to EDAY42
  • EDAY42 "Wolfenstein"

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