This article gives technical information about the Chex Quest 3 data file. For gameplay information and walkthroughs, see Chex Quest 3.

CHEX3.WAD is the IWAD used by Chex Quest 3.

Latest version of Chex Quest 3[edit]

The Chex Quest 3 WAD version 1.4 is 19,191,031 bytes in size, is dated 2009-06-24, contains 2,240 entries, and has the following hashes:

Hash type Hash code
MD5 bce163d06521f9d15f9686786e64df13
SHA-1 f0581563604543060c1dce2f148fd74412adb8b8
CRC-32 34aa2168

Older versions[edit]

Version File date Size (bytes) Entries MD5 SHA-1 CRC-32
1.0  ? 9,348,448 1,722 59c985995db55cd2623c1893550d82b3 100fd7b4dec9dd299d7756cc3a6a419a94264926 a6a5bf06