Cacodemon (Doom 2016)


A cacodemon.
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The cacodemon returns in Doom (2016) with an appearance closely matching the original version of the monster. It is a red-colored, floating, round monster with a single glowing green eye and a large mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. Unique to this incarnation are vestigial arms and legs which hang below its body, a reptilian-like stomach pouch between its arms, and a rough, armored appearance to its skin, which is studded with horns and small spikes.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Health: 2000

Chainsaw Fuel Usage: 3

The cacodemon will attempt to move toward the player whilst spewing toxic bile until it reaches melee range, before biting and dealing a significant amount of damage. Cacodemons usually spawn in areas where there is a lack of movement (e.g. Necropolis mission after the initial drop). Thus, it becomes paramount to kill the cacodemons before a group of them corner the player, ideally by focusing fire on its vulnerable underbelly. Being hit by the bile spew has a blinding effect, leaving the player vulnerable to further attacks by the cacodemon and any other monsters present.

In arenas or levels where movement is restricted to platforms, attempting a chainsaw/glory kill may cause player death by falling.

The Rocket launcher with its Lock-on modification will kill a cacodemon from a long range in 6 rockets, or 2 locks.


Attack Too Young To Die Hurt Me Plenty Ultra Violence Nightmare
Melee Bite 33.5 66.5 116.5 200
Ranged Spew 17.5 34.5 60 105


With the addition of DLC Pack 2: Hell Followed, the cacodemon becomes playable in multiplayer. As the cacodemon, players can sneak behind others from a lower or greater height, and can attack with traditional ball lightning and melee attacks. A new addition to the cacodemon in multiplayer is a tongue attack, which can be used at short distances as a whip to deliver a devastating mauling to another player, or as a snare to yank unwary players into its maw.

To differentiate the player character cacodemon from an ordinary one seen in other modes of play, its expressions and animations were modified to convey a sinister disposition and a strong sense of sentience, akin to an Eye Tyrant Beholder. During play as the cacodemon, the player's viewpoint is surrounded by the inner sides of its teeth, as if a camera was being held in its mouth.


The UAC determined that the cacodemon's attacks and flight capabilities were psionic in nature, but that the creature had a limited, instinctual intelligence driven primarily by the need to feed. The cacodemon's projectile attack, formed from the creature's bile, was found to have psychoactive, narcotic properties that confuse and disorient its victims long enough for the cacodemon to move in for the kill.