Cacodemon (Doom Eternal)


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The cacodemon returns as a monster in Doom Eternal, largely retaining its appearance from Doom (2016). It is slightly more red, and now has a pupil in its eye, making its appearance closer to the classic games' incarnation. Its blood has changed to blue in color, a detail taken from the original sprite. More aggressive than the previous version, it is now capable of shooting a rapid sequence of projectiles consecutively, and its bite is accompanied by a lunging motion which extends the range of the attack significantly.

Tactical analysis[edit]

It is possible to fire a grenade into the cacodemon's mouth while it is open. This will result in it suffering a cartoonish internal explosion which dramatically inflates its stomach in a fashion reminiscent of the dodongo from The Legend of Zelda. Firing a grenade into the cacodemon's mouth in this way will instantly stagger it and leave it vulnerable to a glory kill.