Cacodemon coin bank


Cacodemon coin bank. Photograph by Andrew Stine (Linguica).

A cacodemon coin bank was released on or around July 21, 2016, by USAopoly. It is an officially Bethesda-licensed product shaped like the classic Doom cacodemon which is 5 inches wide and 6 inches tall (including horns), and weighs 9 ounces. A coin slot is present on the back side of the cacodemon just under the horns allowing change to be collected inside. A release door on the bottom allows removing the change later when needed.[1]

"This horrifying and notorious monster from the classic DOOM® video game will keep your money safe from even the toughest marine! The perfect gift for any nostalgic gamer, this custom sculpted Cacodemon will strike fear in all who dare approach it."
― Manufacturer's description


A cacodemon coin bank was used to create a physical Cacoward for John Romero.

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