Cacowards 2011


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The 18th Annual Cacowards, also referred to as Cacowards 2011, was the eighth annual Cacowards feature, released by Doomworld on December 10, 2011. It was written by Ryan Nematollahi (hobbs), with a couple of contributions by Sarah Mancuso (esselfortium).

With the departure of Stephen Browning (Scuba Steve) from the team came a few changes, notably the disappearance of the Worst Wad category because it was considered inappropriate to appear to reward people for uploading low-quality work. The Mockaward was also left vacant. Instead, new categories were introduced for Best Gameplay (echoing the "Boomstick" prize from 2008) and Honoring a Newcomer. In addition, a Consolation Prize was given to Doom64 EX, as an impressive work that seemingly fit no category.


Honoring a Newcomer[edit]

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