Casey Alvis (Altima Mantoid)


Casey Alvis, also known as Altima, AltimaMantoid or Altima Mantoid, is a Doom speedrunner in the United States. He holds over a dozen Compet-n records on IWAD maps and submitted over 330 demos to the Doom Speed Demo Archive. Currently, he has a collection of Doom, Doom II, TNT Evilution, and Plutonia Experiment playthroughs on his personal channel at YouTube.

YouTube activity[edit]

In the video playthroughs, he teaches his viewers how to finish each of the Doom games' maps attaining 100% kills, 100% secrets, finding the secret exits on certain maps and finding the exits to the super secret maps. Likewise, Casey also gives helpful tips to viewers on how to survive the respective maps (even the most dangerous/difficult maps or portions of them) while preserving health, ammo or a combination thereof. He continues to upload Doom speedruns to YouTube.

At the end of 2011, he began to upload the currently standing Compet-n records to YouTube. He is currently the sole maintainer of the official Compet-n channel.

In 2013, he held a live 24-hour marathon run on Twitch of all four classic Doom IWADs back-to-back in commemoration of Doom's 20th anniversary. Due to the sheer length of TNT, the total run time was closer to 28 hours. The videos were subsequently uploaded to YouTube, excepting Plutonia which was lost unexpectedly due to Twitch's strict stream retention periods. Though a fan has the run recorded, it has yet to be uploaded to Casey's YouTube channel.

Currently, Casey is creating a megawad, going by the working title of "Project: Bloodlust". So far he has showcased 5 levels (in order):

  • MAP01: Jailbreak
  • MAP07: Last Man Standing
  • MAP21: Downbleed
  • MAP30: Bloodlust
  • MAP31: Paranoia

Body of work[edit]





  • Junkfood 2: Summertime Slotter (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP08: Map Ate
    • MAP50: Dr. Vile's Backyard Barbecue
    • MAP66: Nectar of the Gods

Current Compet-n records[edit]

The following data was last verified in its entirety on July 17, 2020.

Level runs for the original Doom games[edit]

Record count
Doom 2
Doom II 0
TNT: Evilution 6
Plutonia 8
Total 16

Level runs for the PWADs[edit]

Casey holds 19 additional map records: four for Alien Vendetta, seven for Hell Revealed, six for Memento Mori, one for Memento Mori II, and one for Requiem.

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