Castlevania: Simon's Destiny


Castlevania: Simon's Destiny
Title screen
Author Andrea Gori
Port GZDoom
Year 2017
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Castlevania: Simon's Destiny is a six-level Doom II total conversion mapset for GZDoom created by Andrea Gori (Batandy) based on the Castlevania series of games, specifically adapting the first game in the series with the six levels mirroring the six in the original game. The soundtrack features a selection of Castlevania music culled from fan remixes as well as official Konami albums such as the Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle series. Jumping is required as the mapset features plenty of platforming sections, true to its source material.

Difficulty settings[edit]

The WAD features four custom difficulties, all of which have disabled monster infighting.

  • New Moon is the easiest setting, with the player taking only 80% of damage per hit.
  • Crescent Moon is the standard difficulty setting, with a 1:1 damage ratio.
  • Full Moon is the expert difficulty setting, with players taking 10% more damage per hit and receiving less heart drops.
  • Blood Moon is a New Game Plus mode and is the highest difficulty setting. It is similar to the "Full Moon" setting but features new monsters.


Custom items[edit]

Destructible items
There are several destructible items which the player can destroy to obtain sub-weapons or other items listed below. Candles are the most prominent destructible items but there are several statues, wall blocks and other items the player can destroy.
Hearts are the most common items dropped by candles. Hearts are used as ammunition for the various sub-weapons the player can obtain throughout the game. There are two variants - small and large - with large hearts providing more ammunition.
There are two varieties of meat, which serve as health in the mapset. The chicken leg recovers a small bit of health with a full pot roast recovering much more.
Big cross
The big cross is a powerup that kills all enemies on screen when obtained by the player.
Whip upgrade
The whip upgrade increases the range and damage dealt by the player's whip, the Vampire Killer. The whip can be upgraded twice.
There are several four different bags of gold that the player can obtain, each providing a different amount of gold. A small bag of gold has the lowest value, of 100 gold pieces, while the huge bag of gold has the highest value and contains 1000 gold pieces.
Boss essence
The boss essence is a red orb dropped by boss enemies upon defeat. Collecting the boss essence will end the current level.

Custom monsters[edit]

A small enemy with 1 hit point that has a melee attack.
Medusa head
The medusa head has only 1 hit point but is often found in hordes and can cause trouble for the player due to their frequent use near tricky platforming sections. The medusa head moves in a sine-wave pattern.
A small flying enemy with 10 hit points. Despite their low health, bats can cause trouble for the player due to their small size making them hard to hit and hard to notice.
A small flying monster similar to the bat in its attack pattern. This monster also has 10 hit points.
Another flying bird monster, similar to the bat and the crow. This monster also has 10 hit points.
A small monster that makes up for its low health (15 hit points) with its quick speed and jumping movement that can quickly close the distance between it and the player and which also makes it hard to hit.
A fodder monster with 15 hit points that shoots a projectile fireball. The merman is often found in watery areas and sometimes pops up out of the water to catch the player by surprise.
Purple knight
A spear-wielding knight that utilizes a melee attack. This monster has 15 hit points.
Red skeleton
A blood red skeleton with 15 hit points. This monster is very similar to its white counterpart except for one important detail - this monster won't stay dead and will resurrect after a certain amount of time.
Like the zombie, the skeleton has only 15 hit points but it is the more deadly monster due to its projectile attack that launches a bone towards the player.
A weak but quick canine enemy that uses a melee bite attack. It has 15 hit points.
The zombie is a lowly fodder enemy that rises out of the ground and slowly shambles towards the player. This monster is limited to a melee attack and has only 15 hit points, making it one of the weakest enemies in the game.
Bone pillar
An immobile skeletal turret that fires fireball projectiles. With its relatively high health of 600 hit points, it will require several hits before the player can destroy it.
Axe knight
A big blue suit of armor that hurls axes towards the player. Its deadly projectile attack and 1200 hit points make it one of the deadliest common enemies the player will face.
White dragon
A snake-like skeletal creature that is fixed to a wall and fires a fireball projectile. With 1200 hit points, it is one of the strongest common enemies.


Giant bat
The giant bat serves as the boss for the first map. It has 5000 hit points. The giant bat appears again in MAP06: Bloodlines.
Medusa serves as the boss of the second map. She has 5000 hit points.
Mummies serve as the boss of the third map. Each mummy has 5000 hit points.
The Creature
The Creature serves as the boss of the fourth map. It has 5000 hit points and is accompanied by a hunchback that also has 5000 hit points.
Death serves as the boss of the fifth map. He has 5000 hit points. He attacks with several projectile scythes, each of which has 50 hit points.
Dracula serves as the game's final boss and has three distinct forms. In his first form, Dracula has teleports around the room and will shoot several fireball projectiles or a black electrical sphere at the player upon reemerging. The player must attack his head to injure him. This form has 7000 hit points. In his second form, Dracula will turn into a large blue demon that jumps around the room, sending out a shock wave attack upon touching the ground. This form has 10000 hit points and is Dracula's strongest form. Dracula's third and final form has 7000 hit points.

Blood Moon monsters[edit]

The mapset's custom new game plus difficulty mode, "Blood Moon", replaces the monsters with tougher variants.

This monster has 1 hit point.
This monster has 1 hit point.
Peeping Eye
This monster has 10 hit points.
Balloon Pod
This monster has 15 hit points.
Blue Merman
This monster has 15 hit points.
Nova Skeleton
This monster has 15 hit points.
Red Hunchback
This monster has 15 hit points.
Rotten Zombie
This monster has 15 hit points.
This monster has 150 hit points.
This monster has 300 hit points.
Skull Lord
This monster has 600 hit points.
Sniper of Goth
This monster has 600 hit points.
This monster has 800 hit points.
Venus Weed
This monster has 800 hit points.

Custom weapons[edit]

Vampire Killer
As in the original game, the player's main weapon is his whip. There are two upgrades to the whip which can be obtained from whipping candles that will extend the weapon's range and attack power.


By whipping candles the player can acquire the subweapons from the original game, which act as alternative fire. Players can only have one subweapon equipped at a time.

The dagger allows the player to throw three knives forward. This is one of the most common and weakest subweapons.
The stopwatch allows the player to temporarily time, stopping enemies in their tracks.
Holy Water
The holy water is a short-range projectile weapon that deals damage to any monster caught in its blast radius.
Boomerang Cross
The boomerang cross is a projectile weapon that fires forward and returns back to the player.
The axe is a projectile weapon that fires in an arc pattern.
Holy Bible

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