Doom (2016) multiplayer levels

Cataclysm is a multiplayer level of Doom (2016) that was introduced with the Unto the Evil downloadable content pack. It is a UAC space station that is connected to a region of Hell by two large translucent portals; there are also red portals in the two corner rooms that allow a rapid transition from one side of the level to the other.


Cataclysm includes a number of open rooms connected by smaller passages, suiting a variety of playstyles. The red portals allow fast travel from one side of the level to the other, but there is a risk of walking into an ambush or trap on the other side. Players are able to see and shoot each other through the larger translucent portals.

In deathmatch, the chainsaw spawns as a power weapon on the UAC side while powerups (mainly the quad damage and invisibility) can spawn on a ledge above the red portal room on the Hell side. A mega health pickup spawns on a platform in the left-hand portal chamber on the UAC side, and demon runes can spawn at random points throughout the level that are indicated by tiny glowing cracks in the floor.

Areas / screenshots[edit]