Catacomb: ABYSS


Catacomb: ABYSS
Title screen
Author inferion_
Port GZDoom
Year 2018
Link ZDoom forums thread

Catacomb: ABYSS is a re-creation of the early first-person shooter Catacomb Abyss (based on Catacomb 3D) for the GZDoom engine. It was first announced by inferion_ on August 13, 2013. Version 1.0, was released on August 25, 2018, featuring all regular levels, monsters and items of Catacomb Abyss.


  • MAP01: The Towne Cemetery
  • MAP02: The Garden of Tears
  • MAP03: The Mausoleum Grounds
  • MAP04: The Main Floor of the Mausoleum
  • MAP05: The Crypt of Nemesis the Undead
  • MAP06: The Den of Zombies
  • MAP07: The Subterranean Vault
  • MAP08: The Ancient Aqueduct
  • MAP09: The Orc Mines
  • MAP10: The Lair of the Trolls
  • MAP11: The Demon's Inferno
  • MAP12: The Battleground of the Titans
  • MAP13: The Coven of Mages
  • MAP14: The Inner Sanctum
  • MAP15: The Haunt of Nemesis
  • MAP16: The Passage to the Surface

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