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This should certainly include

Icarus - from TNT Eternal Doom - also from TNT

The second I regard as extremely well made, Couleur's levels are something else. Eternal Doom's levels verge on the garguatuan. They are not as tough as Hell Revealed/Alien Vendetta. But they have used some extremly neat tricks - a darker imp, transparent glass Some of the designers went on to level designers on other games (Ion Storm being one of them).

Also Requiem is missing - another excellent 32-level megawad.

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I agree entirely, and so does our notability policy: any released WAD can have an article.  The reason they aren't in this category is that they don't exist yet!  See List of WADs for a running tally of major omissions, which includes all three of the files you mention.  You are welcome to start any of those articles, or indeed to write about any other WAD in the idgames database.
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Yes sorry. I am a Wiki novice. Thanks. Stephen Howe