Caverns - Area 1: Excavation Transfer


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Caverns - Area 1: Excavation Transfer is the twenty-fifth level of Doom 3. The player advances towards the primary excavation site, where the Hell portal is located. Level 1 contains the oldest, original Mars base. It is also the last level to have a fictional character's PDA.


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Starting off from where Site 3 ended, the elevator takes the Player into Caverns Area 1 - the location of the very first human base established on Mars. He arrives at the Base 1 Materials Transfer point. From there, he heads to the Heavy Lift Transfer, while battling hordes of demons, including Trites, Imps, Wraiths, Commandos, Cacodemons, an Arch-Vile, and a Hell Knight. After unlocking the Heavy Lift controls, he rides the massive lift down to Sub Chamber 2. Throughout all this, the Caverns are constantly plagued with tremors and quakes.

Upon reaching Sub Chamber 2, the Player fights his way to Environmental Monitoring, where he finds he needs a keycard to go further. To find the card, he must take a detour to the Thermal Regulation Pump. There are no enemies here, but the Player has to instead navigate his way down a hazardous maintenance shaft which consists of four platforms that continuously extend and retract themselves. He manages to safely make his way to the bottom of the shaft where he discovers a lone survivor hiding behind some pipes. The survivor, J. Katayama, gives him the access card he needs. The Player then heads back up the shaft and returns to Environmental Monitoring (battling a swarm of Cacodemons waiting for him outside).

Using Katayama's access card, the Player enters the conference room (where he finds Bob Cody's PDA), and from there, he fights his way to Base 2 Materials Transfer Lift. A lava filled chasm separates this area from his next destination, so he must activate a crane and walk across it to the other side. He then goes to the Personnel Transfer Station and kills the horde of demons that try to ambush him there. He activates an elevator, kills the Hell Knight that emerges from it, and rides the elevator down to Materials Handling. He then fights his way to Sub Station 3 Transfer, which will take him to Caverns Area 2.

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