Caverns of Darkness


Caverns of Darkness is a 12-level mapset for Doom 2 by The Chaos Crew in 2002, using a custom source port, whose source code was released on May 26, 2019 by Joel Murdoch, based on the Eternity Engine v3.29 called the "COD Engine". Because of the custom engine, MS-DOS or a DOS emulator such as DosBox is required to play. The modification is well known for its liberal use of fake three-dimensional constructs using middle textures, and ambient sounds.

ZDoom patch[edit]

In 2008, Graf Zahl released a patch for Caverns of Darkness, allowing it to be played using ZDoom. It works by substituting DECORATE actors in place of the original hard-coded custom thing types and weapons, as well as using MAPINFO to use a custom map translator to account for the COD engine's new sector and linedef types.



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