Celestial locator

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The celestial locator in the Fortress of Doom.

In Doom Eternal, the celestial locator is a device in the Fortress of Doom that allows VEGA to pinpoint the location of Deag Ranak.


After the Doom Slayer kills Deag Nilox, Deag Ranak hides away so he can design and build the Doom hunter to protect him. VEGA states that he will be unable to find him unless their celestial locator is upgraded with a certain component. To this end, the Slayer goes to Exultia and gets this component from King Novik of the Night Sentinels. The component looks like a large bronze sphere that a four-pronged cage surrounding it and a handle on top. The Slayer then goes to the Betrayer, who gives it the power it needs for it to be used by the celestial locator. When it is powered on, blue glowing symbols appear across its surface. Back in the Fortress of Doom, the Slayer plugs the component into a bowl-shaped port in the middle of the deck, then VEGA is able to find Deag Ranak, the celestial locator's repairs evidently having been successful.