Celestial locator

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The celestial locator in the Fortress of Doom.

In Doom Eternal, the celestial locator is a device in the Fortress of Doom that allows VEGA to pinpoint the location of Deag Ranak. The Exultia level is centered around finding the components needed to rebuild this device.

The locator resembles a large bronze sphere covered in carved circular symbols, inside a four-pronged cage with a handle on top. The symbols glow blue after the device has been powered.


After the Doom Slayer kills Deag Nilox and returns to the fortress, the remaining Hell priests go missing; VEGA reports that it is unable to locate them as the Slayer's celestial locator is missing a component. To this end, the Slayer travels to the Sentinel city of Exultia and acquires a locator casing from King Novik's throne room, ignoring Novik's warning that "it is not yours to take". The Slayer then journeys through Hell to locate the Betrayer, who supplies the power core needed to activate the locator. After taking the completed locator back to the Fortress of Doom, the Slayer plugs the device into a bowl-shaped port underneath the deck of the main bridge; VEGA then locates Deag Ranak in Earth's Arctic region, the locator's repairs evidently having been successful.