Central Processing: Processing Distribution Center

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Central Processing: Processing Distribution Center is the twenty-second level of Doom 3.

"Sarge is waiting for you."
― Sergeant Kelly [source]


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

The level begins with a brief cutscene showing Jack Campbell hunting for Sergeant Kelly in the CPU Complex. The effects of the twisted demonic growth in the base are evident here.

In order to gain access to the facility's Primary Server Bank, the Player must find a replacement door panel to fix a security door near the start of the level. The replacement door panel is located at the top level of Lab A. However, Lab A itself is locked up, so the Player must retrieve Tony Bates' PDA which contains the codes for Lab A. After obtaining the PDA from Security Monitoring and using the codes (627) to access Lab A, the Player makes his way to the Upper Floor and finds the replacement door panel. He then returns to the entrance, fixes the security door and gains access to an elevator that leads down to the Primary Server Bank.

Just outside the entrance to the Primary Server Bank, the Player runs into a wounded Campbell, who reveals that Sergeant Kelly ambushed him and took his gun, the BFG 9000, and then dies. The voice of Sergeant Kelly taunts the Player, saying, "I killed that pathetic bodyguard. And now I will kill you."

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  • Cabinet #452: 571
  • Cabinet #669: 468

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