Chaingun (Doom 2016)


The chaingun.
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The Delta-12 chaingun, also simply known as the chaingun and referred to in short as the D12, is a fast-firing multi-barreled automatic weapon, similar to a Gatling gun, which returns as a weapon in the 2016 Doom game. It was first seen in Bethesda's E3 2015 demo footage, where it was briefly used to shoot at a pinky demon and what were later confirmed to be barons of Hell.

Far from simply conventional, the D12 uses Argent energy infusion to overdrive its firing mechanism, a piston capable of 220,000 PSI pressure, resulting in an extremely high muzzle velocity of 5000 feet per second. This crucible is self-recharging, using the barrel heat produced from firing to keep its internal battery charged. It utilizes 15 mm caliber tungsten slugs as ammunition.

"A large drum-fed rotary machine gun with a high rate of fire."
SnapMap description


The D12 is the largest version of the chaingun so far, stated to weigh 45 kilograms and stretching most of the way across the view. It appears as if though it would be more in-place as a component of an aircraft or armored vehicle than as a portable weapon. With modifications applied, this incarnation can have three independent sets of triple-barreled turrets which can be fired simultaneously.


Gatling Rotator
This unapproved third-party modification to the chaingun overrides the release mechanism of the firing crucible, enabling the chaingun to spin up to maximum speed without previously firing for greater efficiency. Note that the in-game description of this modification is somewhat inaccurate.
Mobile Turret
This modification adds another crucible and compression piston chamber, doubling the weapon's firing rate by using all three of the barrel clusters simultaneously. While more accurate and extremely powerful (stated to be rivaled only by the BFG), it expends ammunition at an amazing rate, slows the user down significantly, and runs the risk of overheating the weapon if fired for too long, requiring a long cool-down period to be endured after its use. The barrels' metal can be seen to glow red after a firing cycle is complete.


Gatling Rotator[edit]

Improved Torque
Decreases spin-up time.
Cost: 3 / 6 weapon points
Uranium Coating
Shots penetrate enemies.
Cost: 3 / 6 weapon points
Mastery - Incendiary Rounds
Unlocked by killing five enemies with the Gatling Rotator mod within five seconds. Bullets will do more damage once maximum firing rate is reached.

Mobile Turret[edit]

Rapid Deployment
Decreases spin-up time.
Cost: 3 / 6 weapon points
Uranium Coating
Shots penetrate enemies.
Cost: 3 / 6 weapon points
Mastery - Ultimate Cooling
Unlocked by killing four enemies in a single deployment five times. The weapon can no longer overheat.


Once the Uranium Coating upgrade has been obtained for either modification, the chaingun's muzzle flash will turn blue as a possible nod to Doom 64.