Chainsaw (Doom Eternal)


The chainsaw about to be used against a mancubus in a press-release screenshot.
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The chainsaw returns as a weapon in Doom Eternal, with much of its functions and appearance based on its previous counterpart from Doom (2016). It remains a limited-use "power weapon" which can be used to kill even powerful enemies quickly, so long as sufficient fuel is available. Kills made with the chainsaw reward the player with ammo drops; as ammo is much scarcer and ammo capacities are noticeably reduced compared to the previous game, it is vital to use the chainsaw regularly. It has a special key assigned to it to make it easier and quicker to use it against demons to get ammo drops. It is introduced near the start of Hell on Earth, as a mandatory pickup required for the game to continue.

The blade of the chainsaw refers to itself as the Mixom Bucktooth Dopesaw. This is a reference to Doom 3, where Mixom chainsaws had been delivered erroneously to Mars, and to the Dopefish, which is also seen as a secret in the polar Cultist Base level.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Like in Doom (2016), the chainsaw instantly kills enemies it is used against but requires fuel to be used. Because it forces slain monsters to drop large quantities of ammo, it is a key part of the basic combat loop in Doom Eternal alongside glory kills and the flame belch.

In some contexts killing a demon with the chainsaw counts as a glory kill, but in others it does not. For example, the chainsaw will activate the Blood Fueled rune but will not recharge the Sentinel Hammer.

Fuel usage[edit]

The chainsaw now has a maximum of three fuel units, with one always recharging on its own. This makes it possible to regularly use the chainsaw against fodder-tier enemies without need for fuel pickups, greatly increasing its value as a way of obtaining ammo for other weapons.

Ammo drops[edit]

Ammo type / Upgrades 0 1 2 3 4
Shells 10 10 10 15 15
Bullets 30 50 60 80 90
Cells 75 90 105 120 135
Rockets 4 5 5 6 6


The Night Sentinel weapon-masters had a saying: "it is the warrior that makes the weapon great". The Doom Slayer's unconventional choice of adding a chainsaw to his arsenal has proven this adage right time after time thanks to its capabilities for dismemberment.