Challenges are optional objectives introduced in Doom (2016) and expanded on by Doom Eternal.

Doom (2016)[edit]

Mission challenges[edit]

Starting with Resource Operations, each level offers three challenges that may require the player to kill enemies in a specific manner, perform a number of glory kills or find secrets. Each completed challenge awards one weapon point.

Weapon challenges[edit]

After purchasing all upgrades for a given weapon modification (or in the case of the pistol and super shotgun, the weapon itself), a mastery challenge will be unlocked that requires the mod to be used in a particular manner (kill so many of a particular enemy, kill a given number of enemies in one shot, etc.) Successfully completing a challenge will unlock a final upgrade for that modification.

Doom Eternal[edit]

Mission challenges[edit]

Starting with Cultist Base and ending with Urdak, nearly every level offers three special objectives (such as finding an item, or killing a certain type of demon in a specific way). Each completed challenge awards a Praetor suit point, and successfully completing all three challenges in a level awards a Sentinel battery.

Weapon challenges[edit]

Just like Doom (2016), purchasing all upgrades for a weapon modification will unlock a mastery challenge for that mod, requiring the mod to be used against a particular enemy or to kill multiple enemies in one shot; completing the challenge will unlock a final upgrade for that mod. In the late game, mastery tokens can be found hidden in levels; each token allows one mastery challenge to be bypassed and instantly unlocks the mastery upgrade for that mod.

Mastery tokens are found in:

Weekly challenges[edit]

Weekly challenges are organized as part of the Slayers Club and require being connected to one's account. As the name implies, they are changed on a weekly basis. Completing them gives bonus XP for events which are used to increase rank and unlock cosmetic items.