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Many minor characters occur in the 2019 motion picture Doom: Annihilation. As the movie is heavily focused on its action, the vast majority of characters have little screen time or development, and many are killed during the first combat sequence.

Sergeant Logan Akua[edit]

Akua with his rotary machine gun.

Sergeant Logan Akua is a member of the space marine squad and is played by Chidi Ajufo. He is killed by a zombie which stabs him in the back of the head and then tears out his throat during the attack in the arboretum.

Beretta 92FS pistol
Rotary machine gun
(Upon seeing Captain Savage's shotgun) "Can't believe you're bringing that weak-ass shit."
(Last words, while firing his weapon wildly) "I'm your ultra nightmare, motherfuckers!"

Dr. Ezekiel Barnes[edit]

Dr. Ezekiel Barnes is an experimental physicist who volunteers to enter the portal. He is played by Nathan Cooper. After entering the portal and seemingly teleporting from Earth to Phobos successfully, he becomes deranged and deformed, growing claws, leaking black fluid from his eyes and mouth, and screaming. He is later seen in a padded room wearing a straight jacket and attempting to escape during the video call between Dr. Betruger and Dr. Kahn.

Private Li Chen[edit]

Private Li Chen is a member of the space marine squad and is played by Jemma Moore. She goes with the first fire team to the maintenance area. After she and Harry are separated from the rest of the marines, she is eventually killed by a zombie which stabs its hand into her abdomen. Harry kills the zombie that attacked her, but is too late to save her.

Heckler & Koch P30 pistol
Futuristic Zastava M92 short rifle

Private Carley Corbin[edit]

Private Carley Corbin is a significant member of the space marine squadron, a blue-haired female marine played by Nina Bergman. She is reliable in combat, and she is highly skeptical of Dr. Betruger's motives from the beginning. She learned the French language while in cryo-sleep on the way to the Phobos base via a deep-sleep learning program. Carley initially goes with the second fire team to try to find the power core, but has to fall back when Daisy corrupts the marines' navigation data. She survives the arboretum battle and falls back to the ship. Carley eventually dies along with most of her remaining squad mates during the battle in the core, impaled by an imp that blind-sided her.

Futuristic Colt AR-15 rifle
(To Dr. Stone) "These things killed several of my friends and tried to tear us apart. You'll forgive me if I don't rejoice in their discovery."
(To Betruger) "Did you just call what happened today a setback?"

Dr. Veronica Cyr[edit]

Veronica prepping Betruger for his gateway trip.

Dr. Veronica Cyr is a medical assistant who preps Dr. Betruger for his journey into the portal. She is played by Katrina Nare. She is rescued along with Chaplain Glover and initially Dr. Sandy Peterson just before the arboretum battle. She questions Betruger about what happened after she saw him enter the gateway, as she herself only remembers seeing him enter the portal and not what happened next. Betruger feigns his own ignorance for the time, but later stabs Veronica in the back with a knife after quietly telling her that he really remembers everything. Before dying, she tells Joan and Bennett where to find Betruger, on the base's secret restricted level. She gives Joan her yellow key card, though Bennett reveals he has one as well, not previously knowing exactly what it was for.

Walther P22 pistol


Daisy is the name given to the artificially intelligent computer embedded in the armored transport vessel used by the marine squad to reach Phobos. Initially helpful, she is silently corrupted by the demons when the ship docks at the Phobos base and begins deactivating services to the marines one by one. Eventually her corruption is revealed as she traps the marines inside the ship while letting in demons to kill them. She is voiced by Gina Philips. Her name is another reference to the Doomguy's pet rabbit Daisy.

"Welcome back, Lieutenant Dark. My name is Daisy, and I'm here to assist you in any way possible."
(Translating demonic runes) "Have come to reclaim what is ours. Through wrath will come justice. Through pain, divinity. No escape this time."
"I'm sorry, Morgan, but I can't let you leave... No one's allowed to leave."
"My name's not Daisy."

Olivia Dark[edit]

Olivia Dark is played by Plamena Bozhilova. She is Joan's mother, who died of cancer when Joan was eleven years old. While she was highly religious, her daughter is not. Despite this, Joan still carries her mother's cross necklace in an effort to keep her memory alive. Joan sees her mother in two flashbacks, one of which occurs near the climax of the film in Hell. This gives Joan the courage she needs to destroy the Lord of Hell and his horde of imps.

Sergeant Harold Friesen[edit]

Sergeant Harold "Harry" Friesen is a member of the space marine squad and is played by Gavin Brocker. He goes with the first fire team to the maintenance area and buddies up with Private Chen. He survives the maintenance area battle and falls back to the ship, finding Dr. Betruger on the way. After boarding the ship he is killed by an imp, which tears into him unexpectedly from behind while he is getting the chaplain a drink.

Futuristic Colt AR-15 rifle

Chaplain Glover[edit]

Chaplain Glover is the resident chaplain of the Phobos base. He is himself a retired marine who grew dissatisfied with a warrior's life and took to spirituality instead. He is played by Louis Mandylor. He has apparently previously seen and heard things on the base which made him believe even before the invasion that the scientists were opening a portal to Hell, and not simply experimenting with alien technology. He is the first to correctly identify the marines' foes as demons as a result, and says that they are made of fire, and mentions that one of them tried to possess him during the initial invasion. He dies after boarding the transport only to find it invaded by imps thanks to Daisy's corruption, taking a direct hit from an imp's fireball after saving Joan from the demon. He lives just long enough after the attack to encourage Joan to continue fighting.

Futuristic Colt-AR15 rifle
"Those slabs ain't for travel, they opened up a portal to Hell for those things to come through."

Dr. Ahmed Kahn[edit]

Dr. Ahmed Kahn is an experimental physicist working for the UAC at the Nevada Compound on Earth. He is played by Hari Dhillon. He leads the Earth-bound side of the teleportation research project.


Morgan on the flight deck of the Nola.

Morgan is the pilot of the armored transport vessel Nola and is played by Cassidy Little. He carries a lucky rabbit's foot (a reference to Doomguy's pet rabbit, Daisy). He is called a pervert and apparently behaves in a creepy manner toward the female members of the squad on a regular basis, notably claiming that he rifled through their belongings during the trip. He also drinks on the job, carrying a small flask from which he constantly sips. His distraction with the flask when it empties allows the demonically corrupted Daisy a window of opportunity to begin silently shutting down services to the marines inside the compound. He dies, being killed by an imp, after trying to take the ship up into orbit to re-establish communications with Mars command, as Daisy openly betrays the crew and lets the demons into the transport.

Dr. Sandy Peterson[edit]

Dr. Peterson realizing not all is well.

Dr. Sandy Peterson is a minor supporting character, an experimental physicist played by the late Lorina Kamburova. She first appears during the initial test of the portal and congratulates Dr. Betruger by hugging him; however, she is the first to notice that the test subject has become deranged as automated warnings blare from the lab's systems. She later appears in the arboretum along with Chaplain Glover and Veronica Cyr; however, as she attempts to brief the marines on happenings at the base, she is jumped from behind by a zombie, which takes her down and bites out her throat. Her first and last name are likely a reference to Sandy Petersen, the level designer for Doom and Doom II.

"That's what I'm trying to tell you... we have a... situation here..." (dies)

Private Rance Redguo[edit]

Private Rance Redguo is a member of the space marine squad and is played by Amar Chadha-Patel. He initially goes with the second fire team to find the power core, but has to turn back when Daisy corrupts the navigational data he is using to understand the base's layout. He survives the arboretum battle and falls back to the ship, where he remains outside with several others as guard. However, when he hears a ruckus aboard the ship and tries to enter the airlock, an imp attacks him from above and disembowels him.

Walther P22 pistol
Futuristic AK-47 rifle
"Yes, sir. Is all this information going to be on the test?"
(Referring to Dr. Betruger) "Yeah, well your lovely doctor's a bit of an egomaniac, isn't he?"

Captain Hector Savage[edit]

Captain Hector Savage wielding his super shotgun.

Captain Hector Savage is the commanding officer of the space marine squadron bound for Phobos. Savage is played by James Weber Brown. He offers the marines an initial briefing on the mysterious situation at the base and their mission to restore operations. Captain Savage insists on wielding his trusted super shotgun over newer, standard-issue marine firearms. He dies near the end of the arboretum assault, having fallen back to guard the other marines' rear. After being incapacitated and falling down on the ground, rather than fighting back extensively, he chooses to sacrifice himself by shooting out the controls for a bulkhead door, causing it to close and lock out the other marines. He is last seen being overwhelmed by the zombies' vicious attacks, though his final demise is only presumed and is not shown on-screen. Captain Savage had a family on Earth and had intended to retire and return to them after setting up the rest of the squad in their roles on Phobos.

Glock 19 pistol
Futuristic Colt AR-15 rifle
Remington Model 1889 double-barreled shotgun
"Alright, knock it off! Now, we succeed and fail as a unit. And if you think I can't find a worse place in the solar system to park your ass for a few years, try me."
"Thank you, Dr. Stone, for properly scaring the shit out of us all."
"In order to fight the enemy, you gotta stop fighting yourself, Joan."
"You got your toy. [swings up the Super Shotgun] I got mine."

Captain Fadel Tarek[edit]

Captain Fadel Tarek is a member of the space marine squad and is played by Arkie Reece. Tarek goes with the first fire team to the maintenance area. He is the first of the squad to die when he is jumped unexpected by a zombie, which tears out his throat.

Fictional futuristic rifle
"By the way, guys. Who's gonna tell Carley that the cryo-sleep turned her hair blue?"
(To Winslow) "In all recorded human history, there's never ever been any evidence of extra terrestrial life."

Private Steven Winslow[edit]

Private Steven Winslow is a significant member of the space marine squadron who is vocally opposed to Joan Dark's continuing command and repeatedly risks insubordination in expressing his dislike of her. He is played by Clayton Adams. His character functions to a degree as comic relief, as he repeatedly "nopes out" of engagement with the demons while uttering referential quotes such as, "Fuck this, I'm too young to die!", leaving first Joan and later Carley stranded on their own during the first and second incursions into the base respectively. He believes in aliens and is the first to suggest that the goings-on at the base may be extra-terrestrial in origin. He eventually leaves behind both his resistance to working with Joan and his fear of the demons and comes back to the rest of the squad's aid, however, saving Carley from an imp, and even defending Joan against Dr. Betruger while in the core. He is killed along with the remainder of the squad, other than Joan, during the battle in the core, being blind-sided by an imp's fireball.

Beretta M9A1 pistol
Futuristic AK-47 rifle
"Why did we all get sent here? There's only one of us that fucked up. But, what, we all get fucked?"
"Battling demons isn't in my job description."

Named corpses[edit]

Sergeant William J. Blazkowicz's ID badge.

Two corpses appear with significant names:

  • One of the zombified scientists' employee ID badges identifies them as Dr. Carmack, a geneticist. This is an Easter-egg-like reference to the 2005 Doom movie, where Dr. Todd Carmack was the lead scientist on the alien 24th chromosome project at the Olduvai base.
  • A dead marine already stationed at the facility is identified as William J. Blazkowicz. According to director Tony Giglio, this is meant to be a relative of the Doomguy, and is a reference to deep lore frequently mentioned by John Romero and Tom Hall which identifies him as a descendant of the like-named hero of Wolfenstein 3D. His blue key card later provides Joan access to the plasma weaponry stash.

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