Codebase DOSDoom 0.47
Developer(s) Andy Kempling (aurikan)
Initial release Version 1 (1998-04-10, 26 years ago)
Latest release 1.63 (1998-08-07, 25 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform DOS
License Doom Source License

Chase was a source modification made by programmer and speedrunner Andy Kempling (aurikan). It is based on DOSDoom version 0.47 and features one of the earliest implementations of a chasecam, where Doomguy is visually displayed from behind in third person. According to Kempling, the feature was quite CPU intensive, as noted in Chasecam.txt:

The chasecam may lag Doom to hell, especially if you back up against a wall, and or have a low end pentium (I don't recommend this for 486rs: too slow).

This is due to the extensive calculations required to calculate the ideal distance. To speed things up, but decrease the calculation quality, edit CCDeltaDist= 1000 in the doomc.i file. 

Lower is faster. Higher is better quality. People tell me that it still looks good at 100 or 50. I don't know: mine works fast && fine at 1000, so I don't mess w/ it. If you keep it above, say, 200, things shouldn't be too bad.

Alongside the chasecam feature, it also plays back TAS demos made with it, though it is different from Kempling's lmpcheat program which, along with another port of Kempling's called Timer became the basis for TASDoom.

Two versions currently exist. The first, is dated April 10, 1998 and features an explanation of the chasecam feature alongside two demonstration WADs, including one taken from CTFDoom author John Cole. The second version is labeled, version 1.63 dated August 7, 1998. This package only contains the executable and a configuration file.

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