Chasm (Doom 2016)


This article is about the multiplayer level from Doom (2016). For other levels named "Chasm", see The Chasm.
Doom (2016) multiplayer levels
Chasm (Doom 2016)

Chasm is a multiplayer level in Doom (2016), one of the nine original stock multiplayer maps. As its name suggests, there is a chasm on one side of the level that can only be traversed by jumping across small platforms; the rest of the level is a maze of vents and narrow passages connecting coolant cores, cables and conduits. According to a description by Bethesda, this map takes the player below the polar ice caps of Mars, and is a great place to play freeze tag.[1]


Much of the level consists of narrow curved passages that allow for tactical use of the kinetic mine. The level spans multiple floors that can be reached through vents and jump pads so make sure to look up and down for any waiting players. The chasm on one side of the level is lethal if you fall into it and can only be traversed by jumping over metal platforms and rock ledges, so use caution when crossing or fighting in that area.

In deathmatch, a regeneration powerup can spawn in a small chamber lined with electrical cables, while an invisibility powerup can spawn under a red danger sign in a corridor marked R5. A chainsaw can also spawn on one of the rock ledges in the chasm area.

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