Cheogsh 2


Cheogsh 2
Title screen
Authors Shadowman and Guest
Port GZDoom
Year 2009
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward.png This mod was a runner-up for the 2009 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Cheogsh 2 is Doom II episode created by Shadowman and Guest that was released on November 19, 2009. A sequel to 2007's Cheogsh, it contains seven maps and requires the GZDoom source port to play. Much like its predecessor, Cheogsh 2 has a gothic theme and is largely set in a series of demonic towns and fortresses, containing many advanced effects and, new graphics and new custom enemies.

Cheogsh 2 was named a runner-up in the Cacowards 2009 on Doomworld.


Custom monsters[edit]

Drillsaw zombie: A zombieman wielding a chainsaw. Has 30 hit points.

Spacemarine: An unarmed marine that is not actually an enemy and does not attack, unless you attack him. He does not count towards the kill count. Has 40 hit points. Another variant of the spacemarine exists with a shotgun, and has 10000 hit points. He also does not count towards the kill count and is treated as a friendly unless attacked.

Faust: A rocket launcher-wielding zombie. Can be killed by his own rockets and has 50 hit points.

Black soul: A darker lost soul that flickers in and out of being partially invisible. It can shoot red fireballs from its mouth and when it charges, it can home in on the player. Has 70 hit points.

Drillsaw marine: A marine that does not move and uses a chainsaw against enemies. Not considered an enemy and has 80 hit points.

Howler: A dark, hunch-backed humanoid creature that moves fast and when it stops, it shoots red fireballs at you until you leave its line of sight or kill it. Has 80 hit points.

Stalker: Similar to a howler, but becomes invisible until it decides to attack. You can still shoot at it when it is invisible, and it too has 80 hit points.

Nightmare: A ghostly monster with an imp-like form and only a melee attack. The nightmare is fully invisible and cannot be targeted at all until it gets up close to the player, where it attempts to attack with its melee attack. Has 100 hit points.

Devil: An imp with more spikes on its body and is more aggressive, shooting more fireballs when it can. Has 120 hit points and replaces the actual imp.

Soul harvester: A gray, imp-like creature that fires a yellow skull-like projectile that homes in on the player. Has 120 hit points.

Mauler demon: A red demon with horns. It can lunge and attack the player in addition to its melee attack. Has 150 hit points.

Spacemarine traitor: A marine that turned traitor and that you must battle. He shoots his plasma rifle for five bolts and has erratic movements. When depleted of his 250 hit points, he drops both a plasma gun and a megaarmor.

Malevonant: A blue version of the revenant who is otherwise unchanged from the original. Can appear as a corpse that springs back to life to attack the player.

Satyr: A goat-like humanoid creature similar to the Hell knight. It moves slightly faster and only can scratch with its claws. Has 300 hit points.

Ghaut: A black, floating creature resembling the Octabrain from Duke Nukem 3D. The ghaut has three attacks, a railgun-like attack which it uses from afar, three cacodemon fireballs in quick succession, which it uses when close, and a melee bite. Has 400 hit points, the same as a cacodemon.

Templier: Originally the Hell warrior from the first Cheogsh, this warrior has a mane and a shield. The Templier has a melee scratch, can throw yellow fireballs, as well as a green energy ball which comes from its shield. The shield can be used to block all attacks, either when firing the energy ball or if attacked. It is recommended to use strong, single-striking weapons like the super shotgun or rocket launcher when dealing with the Templier, who has 600 health points.

Obsidian statue: A darker, stone version of the satyr that can fire shadow fireballs at the player in addition to a melee attack. Has 800 hit points.

Afrit: A floating, red version of the baron of Hell with two flame orbs orbiting it. It can shoot a fireball from one hand, slower fireballs from both hands, or a stream of fire on the ground with both hands. Has 800 hit points.

Pit lord: A fiery version of the baron of Hell that shoots orange fireballs, which when impacting on anything, creates fire on the ground going in that direction. The pit lord can shoot one or two fireballs, and also has a melee attack. Has 1500 hit points.

Netherlord: A gray and blue version of the baron of Hell that shoots blue fireballs. It gets more aggressive with more damage, shooting two fireballs three times when damaged enough, with differing spreads. Has 1500 hit points.

Guardian of Darkness: The main boss of MAP07, a larger, darker version of the baron of Hell with lots of dark shades surrounding it, which function as a shield (5 hit points). It can fire shadow fireballs from its hands, and other fireballs can coast along the ground, bouncing off walls. It is recommended to stay away from shades of darkness when battling the Guardian of Darkness, since this can drain your life very quickly. Has 5000 hit points and replaces the cyberdemon.

Custom items[edit]

The custom items in Cheogsh 2 include two new keys in the black skull key and the white skull key, as well as a number of plot-relevant items you will find during the course of the game, including the blood flask, blood gem, soul stone, and Osiris' Eye.

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