Chex Quest items


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Chex Quest items includes various health, armor, ammo and powerup pickups, all of which are equivalent to Doom's own items, although not all Doom items have equivalents in Chex Quest.

Despite Chex Quest not having every powerup equivalent, the effects may still be obtained by using cheat codes.


Picture Name Description
Mini zorch recharge.png Mini zorch recharge Provides 10 ammo to the mini zorcher and the rapid zorcher.
Mini zorch pack.png Mini zorch pack Provides 50 ammo to the mini zorcher and the rapid zorcher.
Large zorcher recharge.png Large zorcher recharge Provides 4 ammo to the large zorcher.
Large zorcher pack.png Large zorcher pack Provides 20 ammo to the large zorcher.
Zorch propulsor recharge.png Zorch propulsor recharge Provides one ammo to the zorch propulsor. Introduced in Chex Quest 3.
Zorch propulsor pack.png Zorch propulsor pack Provides 5 ammo to the zorch propulsor.
Phasing zorcher recharge.png Phasing zorcher recharge Provides 20 ammo to the phasing zorcher and the LAZ device.
Phasing zorcher pack.png Phasing zorcher pack Provides 100 ammo to the phasing zorcher and the LAZ device.
Bowl of fruits.png Bowl of fruits Restores 10% health.
Bowl of vegetables.png Bowl of vegetables Restores 25% health.
Chex armor.png Chex armor Provides 100% armor points and 33% protection.
Super chex armor.png Super chex armor Provides 200% armor points and 50% protection.
Slime repellent.png Slime repellent Provides 1% bonus armor point.
Glass of water.png Glass of water Provides 1% bonus health point.
Supercharge breakfast.png Supercharge breakfast Provides 100% health points, up to 200%.
Ultra goggles.png Ultra goggles Provides brighter vision, introduced in Chex Quest 3.
Zorchpak.png Zorchpak Provides some ammo of all types, and enables the player to carry double the ammo.
Slimeproof suit.png Slimeproof suit Provides protection from environmental Flemoid slime and tints the screen green.
Chex Quest keys.png Keys Allow to open corresponding doors.

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