Chex Quest music


All the music in Chex Quest and Chex Quest 2 was created by Andrew Benson of Digital Café. Chex Quest 3 also contains tracks created by Stephen DiDuro (Strife).

None of Andrew Benson's songs have been officially given a title; they are therefore usually named after the level in which they appear. However, the four tracks from Stephen DiDuro are named in an archive containing 38 MIDI songs he had written.

Level Author Lump Notes
E1M1: Landing Zone Andrew Benson D_E1M1 MUS format
E1M2: Storage Facility Andrew Benson D_E1M2 MUS format
E1M3: Laboratory Andrew Benson D_E1M3 MUS format
E1M4: Arboretum Andrew Benson D_E1M4 MUS format
E1M5: Caverns of Bazoik Andrew Benson D_E1M5 MUS format
E2M1: Spaceport Andrew Benson D_E2M1 MUS format
E2M2: Cinema Andrew Benson D_E2M2 MUS format
E2M3: Chex Museum Andrew Benson D_E2M3 MUS format
E2M4: City Streets Andrew Benson D_E2M4 MUS format
E2M5: Sewer System Andrew Benson D_E2M5 MUS format
E3M1: Central Command Andrew Benson D_E3M1 MIDI format
E3M2: United Cereals Stephen DiDuro D_E3M2 MIDI format, entitled "Confidence"
E3M3: Villa Chex Andrew Benson D_E3M3 MIDI format
E3M4: Provincial Park Stephen DiDuro D_E3M4 MIDI format, entitled "Chancer"
E3M5: Meteor Spaceship Stephen DiDuro D_E3M5 MIDI format, entitled "CQ Final"
Title screen music Andrew Benson D_INTRO MUS format
Intermission music Andrew Benson D_INTER MUS format
Victory music Andrew Benson D_VICTOR MUS format
Endgame music Stephen DiDuro D_BUNNY MIDI format, entitled "Epic Win"


  • The new songs created for Chex Quest 3 are in MIDI format instead of MUS.
  • Stephen DiDuro's contributions can be recognized from the string "Generated by NoteWorthy Composer" found in the MIDI metadata.
  • The D_E2Mx songs were named D_E1Mx in Chex Quest 2.

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