Chex Quest weapons


Chex Quest weapons are found throughout all three of the Chex Quest games by the main protagonist, the Chex warrior. All of them are zorch-based weapons which, unlike conventional weaponry, do not harm creatures directly (due to the Flemoids being largely impervious to conventional weapons), and instead teleport the aliens to their own dimension once enough force is applied.


Picture Name Description
Bootspoon.png Bootspoon The basic melee weapon, equivalent to the Doom fist.
Super bootspork.png Super bootspork A generator-powered spork, equivalent to the chainsaw.
Mini zorcher.png Mini zorcher The basic hitscan weapon, equivalent to the pistol.
Large zorcher.png Large zorcher A larger zorcher which fires multiple shots at once, equivalent to the shotgun.
Rapid zorcher.png Rapid zorcher A fast firing zorcher with a spinning delivery mechanism, equivalent to the chaingun.
Zorch propulsor.png Zorch propulsor A bulky gun, firing large projectiles which deal splash damage, equivalent to the rocket launcher. In the original version this splash damage also hurts the player, but in Chex Quest 3, this was removed and the splash damage only affects Flemoids.
Phasing zorcher.png Phasing zorcher This rapid fire weapon fires powerful projectiles in quick succession, equivalent to the plasma rifle.
LAZ device.png LAZ device The most powerful weapon in the game, equivalent to the BFG9000.

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