Chocolate-doom (IRC channel)


The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #chocolate-doom.

#chocolate-doom is the official IRC channel of the Chocolate Doom source port. The channel was founded in late 2005 by Chocolate Doom's creator and main developer, Simon Howard (Fraggle).

The channel has around 20 users at any given time. Popular topics on the channel include Chocolate Doom development, Freedoom and Linux. The channel is relatively quiet most of the time, though its activity level often varies from day to day drastically.

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Topic jokes[edit]

Due to the nature of Chocolate Doom replicating the vanilla engines to a painstaking measure, it has received some criticism or jabs against itself or its fan base. Taking such things in stride, the topic has occasionally wore some of these terms in a display of self-deprecating humor.

  • The channel has referred to itself as "The Home of Blur-O-Vision(TM)," referring to the 320x200 resolution of vanilla, which Chocolate Doom mimics in its video modes. The term "blur-o-vision" was originally used by the GZDoom developer Graf Zahl to describe the low resolution.
  • It has also referred to itself as "the hipster one-speed bike of Doom," a term coined by J.P. LeBreton during the introduction segment of an episode of Devs Play by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions. The phrase directly reflects the lack of advanced features.

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