City of the Damned


City of the Damned is the first episode of Heretic. Corvus' quest for vengeance has led him to the docks of a city full of D'Sparil's minions. He must now clear it of these fiends as he searches for their source.

Similar to the first episode of Doom, this episode does not have all the weapons or enemies, although it does have nearly all of the items. The most advanced weapon found in the episode is the Dragon Claw, and the only enemies other than the bosses are the two types of Gargoyle, the two types of Golem and the Undead Warrior along with their ghosts, and the Disciple of D'Sparil. All levels have a consistent medieval city-like theme, with grey stone being the dominating texture. The first half of this episode (maps 1-5) have a docks/wharf-like theme to them.

Sky Color: Grey


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