Clans are groups of people playing multiplayer games as organized teams. Clans are often close groups or well organized communities with the purpose of being able to participate in different activities related to the multiplayer modes; seeking to win competitions, to achieve high rankings, to participate in official or unofficial events or simply organize multiplayer games either among themselves or against other clans. There are numerous clans that play or have played the Doom games and other related games, most commonly using multiplayer-oriented source ports such as Odamex, Skulltag and ZDaemon.

It could be argued that Doom was one of the very first games to involve a group of active clans, being quite popular in its multiplayer mode during the early years. The clans were pioneered during the years following Doom's release to later give rise to a more complete and highly developed formation for the next decade. Some of these clans are still active today.

List of clans[edit]

Note: This is not a complete listing of all Doom clans. This is only a listing of the more notable clans in the Doom community.

Bad Taste (BT)
Founded by ATG (Sleepless) and 206, its current roster mostly consists of ZDaemon staff members and a few mappers. They can be difficult to spot as some choose to play without their tags.
Best of Survivors (B0S)
Founded by Lainos. They are mainly known for the mapsets they created, in particular Sacrament and A.L.T..
ButtChaps (BC)
An offshoot of the Unidoom clan founded by aca and Doomraider in April of 2005. Members of BC are infamous in the ZDaemon community for various pranks and cracks, including attacks on #zdaemon.
Chronic! (c!)
An OS/NS Doom clan founded in 2000 by Slug and Ganja heavy in the early clan wars with clans such as DS and Vile, revived countless times. c! is mostly an inactive clan but a few hardcore players are still to be found.
First started in 1999, KFH was founded by Slayer and Skater. KFH has maintained their presence in the ZDaemon community, and are always looking for members who will carry the clan tag.
Dwango United (DUI)
Created by former users of the DWANGO online gaming service of the mid 90s, it once boasted a large number of active players. A small group of members are still involved with ZDaemon, however most have moved on to pursue other endeavors.
Endgame (EG)
A clan formed by Ichi and Marine in June 2007. Originally created as a Skulltag-only clan, EG is now a ZDaemon-only clan.
Epidemic Virus (eV)
Founded by Czar and _rade in 2006, this was once the most active clan in Oceania. It currently only fields a handful of members.
Frag Syndicate (FS)
Founded by Demolition and Ten in 2016, This is currently a prevalent clan in ZDaemon, consisting of many members. Total member count is 27.
Lords of DooM (LeD)
Created in April 2003, LeD consists of old school players and newer players as well. It is one of the oldest Russian Doom clans.
Medjays of Anubis (MOA)
Oceania-based clan, led by Robbbbb, Jstb4udie and andymun. Other members include Spark(aka Brookesy) and Czar. This clan was formed after the dissolution of Clan CFH.
New Schoolers (NS)
NS was founded by Hijango, and is based around the "New School" style of play. They are primarily a 1on1 based clan but have found mixed success in CTF. They share the name of a defunct clan from the early 2000s, but with no relation.
Oldschoolers (OS)
A clan comprised of oldschool players who founded ZDaemon in the early 2000s. They are now largely defunct. Once renowned for their high level of skill in 1on1 games, it is now rare to see members in active competition. The clan was founded by the original #zdaemon founder, KNorton.
Renegades (R)
Founded in early 2007, the Renegades played across both ZDaemon and Skulltag and featured players both proficient in 1on1 and CTF.
Russian Doomers Clan (iddqd)
Founded by MAZter in March 2005 after derive from LeD. It is currently one of the biggest Russian Doom clans. It had more than 80 members ever playing ZDaemon in general and later Skulltag.
Unidoom (UD)
One of the oldest existing clans, Unidoom boasts a broad and active roster consisting of mappers and competitive players. A good deal of members can still be found in active competition, such as the International Doom League. Unidoom is also known for their wad editing team which has produced widely played multiplayer wads and maps.