Clinton Doom


Picture of the Clinton sprite replacement in E2M1: Deimos Anomaly of Doom.

Clinton Doom is a series of sprite and sound modifications created for Doom in mid-1994. Together, the modifications form a parody of and provide light political commentary on the 42nd United States President, Bill Clinton, who was in office at the time. Along with Barney Doom, it is one of the more infamous early graphics replacement modifications for the game, and the Clinton 3D v3.0 version was notably included with Hank Leukart's Hacker's Guide to Doom for novelty and as an illustration of how to replace sprites.


Clinton DOOM[edit]

The original, created by Adrian H. Hayes, consisted of a set of GIF-format graphics files that could be assembled in order to create a WAD file that would replace the cacodemon with Bill Clinton's head. At the time, the predominant method for this was to use the DOOM Graphic Editor (DMGRAPH) tool to create a PWAD on the end user's machine by combining the new graphics with the full set of sprites extracted from DOOM.WAD. This was necessary due to the fact that sprites could not be added in PWADs in the ordinary fashion - the entire set had to be present between one set of S_START and S_END lumps or else errors would occur during play. It was additionally illegal to distribute the full set of sprites already combined due to copyright law.

This original version has not survived in the idgames archive. It was likely removed in preference of one of the below revisions.

Clinton DOOM v2.0[edit]

Robbie Teegarden created several revisions of the original modification. The first, referred to as Clinton Doom v2.0 by the author, and listed as "Clinton DOOM w/sounds" in the Official Doom FAQ, cleaned up and simplified the installation process and added some sounds. It comes as a zip file named It was released on July 13, 1994.

Clinton 3D v3.0[edit]

A third version of the modification, also by Robbie Teegarden, was released on August 15, 1994, with a WAD file name of CLINTN30.WAD in a zip named This version changes the installation process to use the newer DM ADD Something (DMADDS) tool, which could combine the IWAD's sprites into an existing PWAD, and was thus simpler to use than DMGRAPH.

Barney/Clinton combo[edit]

A final version by Robbie Teegarden is mentioned in the Official Doom FAQ as a combination of Barney Doom with Clinton Doom. It was distributed as and was also released on July 13, 1994.

In popular culture[edit]

  • Popular "weird Twitter" account Dril posted a screenshot of some of the Clinton Doom sprites in May 2019 [1]

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