Cole Savage (Mancer)


Cole Savage (alias Mancer or Manzer, formerly Smoke) is a deathmatch level designer known for making the 1996 eponymous Mancer series spread across many PWADs. Four maps from the series were included in popular map compilations DWANGO8 and DWANGO12. As a TeamTNT member, he had one map appear in the collective's deathmatch-only Grievance. In 1997 he also created two still-unreleased single player levels intended for Requiem that were either rejected or skipped over due to miscommunication with the project's organizer.

After moving onto creating custom maps for Quake (including the Zerstorer TC), Quake II, and Quake III Arena, Mancer returned to the Doom community in 2004 to remake MancerX MAP01 as a Doom 3 level. He reappeared again in 2007 with the 5-level Doom II mapset MancerXX that included one all-new level and four reworked maps from MancerX and MancerX3 upgraded to meet modern aesthetic standards.

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  • Mancer01 Reincarnated for Doom 3 (Doomworld)


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