Colin Phipps (cph)


Colin "cph" Phipps was the developer of the source port LxDoom until it was merged with PrBoom, which he now co-maintains. He is primarily responsible for the compatibility system.

Phipps was very interested in esoteric Doom bugs and is the author of detailed articles describing them with the aid of the source code. He developed an unofficial binary patch for vanilla Doom to increase the turning resolution when recording demos.

A former regular in the #doomroom IRC channel, Phipps used to maintain an Eggdrop bot called Connie and later Cacodemon.

Phipps was one of the original contributors to the Freedoom project. He provided programs to generate some of the binary lumps, including PLAYPAL and COLORMAP.

Phipps is the webmaster and reviewer for the WAD review site Doom Underground and is also an editor for the Doom Series category on the Open Directory Project.

Phipps developed BSP after Colin Reed and Lee Killough.

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