Combat chassis


The combat chassis is a mind-controlled android. Its robotic hands can wield weapons designed for human use, and it can also interact with the touchscreen computers used in the UAC installations. It is equipped with a shield generator that can repel enemies, blasting them a short distance away, with a frag grenade dispenser, and with short-range teleportation system that can help it travel across difficult terrains, as well as telefrag stunned enemies.

After his untimely death, Abraham Peters finds his mind transferred into the UAC's computer systems. From there, he transfers himself into a nearby combat chassis and uses it to fight the demon invasion.

Combat chassis are derived from the technology designed by Samuel Hayden for his cybernetic body.


Like the Praetor suit, it can make use of Argent cells to upgrade its three subsystems:

  • Chassis integrity serves as the equivalent of health and armor combined.
  • Time dilation slows down the time around the chassis while selecting a teleport destination.
  • Ammo capacity increases both the maximum ammo carried, as well as the amount gained when killing enemies.

Each subsystem can be upgraded three times in total.