Combat shotgun


This article is about the weapon in Doom (2016). For other versions of this weapon, see:
The combat shotgun.

The combat shotgun is a weapon in the 2016 Doom franchise reboot. Forged from a quality titanium-steel alloy, its qualities include high reliability, a fast rate of fire, and high-velocity, high-impact shot.[1] Like most of the weapons in this incarnation of Doom, the combat shotgun can be modified and upgraded with attachments which impart special capabilities beyond the base weapon's attack characteristics. It is more limited in effective range than its classic counterpart, though not quite to the extent which the Doom 3 version suffered.

"A pump-action shotgun with a tight spread of buckshot."
― SnapMap description


Explosive Shot
An alternate ammunition for the combat shotgun based on octanitrocubane explosive and a glycerin fuse. Shot embedded in the explosive is dispersed upon impact, creating an effect similar to the frag grenade, damaging targets over a wide area. This extends the weapon's utility against multiple targets.
Charged Burst
The charged burst upgrade fires off a volley of three shells in a quick succession. The compression reloader component used to drive this fast firing is powered by Argent energy, and requires a cool down period after use.


The charged burst mod can be upgraded to decrease recharge and loading time, and increase firing rate of the burst. Mastery can be unlocked via killing five mancubi with the burst. Upon unlocking mastery, successfully hitting all three shots of the burst will increase the damage of the next one. The effect does not stack.

The explosive shot mod can similarly be upgraded to decrease its recharge time, increase the area of effect, and then remove the cooldown time between each explosive shot. Scoring direct hits on imps will progress the upgrade toward mastery. Killing fifteen imps with the explosive shot will unlock cluster bombs that spawn on impact for further damage.


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