Combat shotgun (Doom Eternal)


This article is about the weapon in Doom Eternal. For other versions of this weapon, see:
The combat shotgun without any modifications.
The combat shotgun with the Sticky Bombs modification.
The combat shotgun with the Full Auto modification.

The combat shotgun returns in Doom Eternal, with properties similar to its previous incarnation from Doom (2016). It is the Doom Slayer's personal weapon before hunting down the Hell priests, as he keeps it inside of a case during the introductory cinematic.

The weapon retains an explosive shot mod, albeit now firing an explosive gel that adheres to targets before detonating, requiring a reload after three shots (with remaining ammunition indicated on the crosshair). The explosive shot also deals extra damage to weak spots, enabling one to destroy, for example, the arachnotron's cannon or the revenant's rocket launchers. Replacing the original charged burst is a new automatic firing mode wherein the weapon behaves like a street sweeper, with three rotary barrels.


Sticky Bombs
The combat shotgun can fire explosive projectiles that stick to surfaces and enemies, detonating shortly after they make contact with their target; if the sticky bomb attaches to a destructible weak spot (e.g. the arachnotron's turret), it will produce a larger explosion that deals more damage. If fired into a cacodemon's open mouth, it will eat the bomb and become staggered for an easy glory kill. Three sticky bombs can be fired before the weapon needs to reload.
Full Auto
Briefly converts the combat shotgun into an automatic weapon, greatly increasing its fire rate and making it more effective against strong but slow-moving enemies. However, it will consume ammo at a faster rate. This mod is especially useful in The Ancient Gods, Part Two, as it is one of the few weapons able to damage stone imps.


Full Auto[edit]

Quick Recovery
Full auto mode recovery speed is increased by 50%
Faster Transform
Full auto mode transform speed is increased by 50%
Fast Feet
Movement speed when in full auto mode increased by 20%
Mastery- Salvo Extender
Killing a demon with the full auto mod active will drop shell ammo.
Mod is unlocked by killing 15 pinkies with the full auto mode.

Sticky Bombs[edit]

Quick Rack
Sticky bomb reload speed is increased by 20%
Bigger Boom
Sticky bomb explosion size is increased by 45%
Mastery - Five Spot
Launch 5 sticky bombs before having to reload the mod.
Mod is unlocked by destroying 15 arachnotron turrets using sticky bombs.


Colloquially known as the "Crowd Appeaser", the combat shotgun remains a favored weapon with operatives, able to hold its own against explosives and Gauss-driven projectiles. The simplicity of its design makes it quick and reliable.


  • In a minor break of series tradition, wherein the protagonist usually starts off with a pistol, the Doom Slayer starts off with a combat shotgun, along with the Doomblade, in Doom Eternal.
    • The pistol was implemented in the game, but it is unobtainable outside of console commands.