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Weapon modifications, more often known simply as weapon mods for short, are hot-swappable attachments and modules for the Doom marine's weapons in Doom (2016). Any weapon modification for a weapon which the marine currently possesses can be obtained by locating combat support drones - also referred to as field drones - which are small hovering robots which hold a touch screen allowing selection of the modification to unlock. Most weapons in the game have two modifications available, usually adding attributes such as an area damage effect, greater accuracy, higher rate of fire, or penetrating projectiles that can harm multiple targets. The effectiveness of many weapon modifications can be increased through use of weapon upgrades.

List of weapon modifications[edit]

Individual weapon modifications are detailed on their respective weapons' articles. This is a list of all the existing modifications:

Combat shotgun[edit]

  • Explosive Shot: A grenade-like explosive projectile with low-arc trajectory.
  • Charged Burst: Fast triple-shot burst.

Heavy assault rifle[edit]

  • Micro Missiles: Launches a cluster of small rockets from side-mounted missile rack.
  • Tactical Scope: An optical scope suited for long-range fighthing.

Plasma rifle[edit]

  • Heat Blast: A module that weaponizes the rifle's waste heat, allowing it to be released in a concentrated, wide burst.
  • Stun Bomb: Releases a big plasma ball with excellent pain shock capability.

Rocket launcher[edit]

  • Lock-On Burst: Installs a fire-and-forget guidance system for the rockets.
  • Remote Detonation: A premature detonation trigger that enables to use rockets as airburst charges.


  • Gatling Rotator: Allows the barrels to spin up preemptively without firing; spinning barrels can begin firing immediately at any time.
  • Mobile Turret: Grants access to Chaingun's expanded mode, with thrice as many (nine instead of three) barrels firing simultaneously.

Gauss cannon[edit]

  • Precision Shot: A highly accurate firing mode with optical scope available.
  • Siege Mode: A very powerful shot with area of effect and overpenetrating capabilites.

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