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Doom (2016) classic levels
Command Control (Doom 2016)

Command Control is a classic level from Doom (2016). It is a recreation of Doom's E1M4: Command Control that includes enemies from the later game, but retains the original game's pickup and decoration sprites.

This level is unlocked after finding one of its rooms hidden in the VEGA Central Processing stage. Once unlocked, the full level can be played from the "Classic Maps" tab in the Campaign menu.



You begin this level with the pistol, chainsaw, combat shotgun, chaingun and rocket launcher.

Open the door in front of you to enter an open area with possessed soldiers, as well as some overhead imps that can be blown up with nearby barrels. There are three exits from this area - take the exit furthest away from you to enter a room with more imps and barrels then turn right and head up the staircase in front of you to reach a circular path surrounding a structure with four doors. Inside the structure are three imps guarding the blue keycard; blow up the barrel inside the structure to kill the imps, then go inside to collect the key. If the doors close before you can get out, step on the brightly-lit square where the key was sitting to open them again.

There are several exits from the area, but go through the doorway 90 degrees clockwise from your entry point to reach a T-junction and turn left to find a chamber containing a platform with a soldier on it. Open the blue door to the right of this platform to enter a small maze - the quickest way through is to turn right as you enter, follow the passage ahead all the way forward until you reach a light-green wall then turn right and head past a pinky to find the room containing the yellow keycard. Head up the steps past the key and press a button at the top, then go through the yellow door next to the button to enter a room where a bridge has risen. Use the stairs in this room to cross the bridge and reach the exit door, then flip the switch behind it to finish the level.

Other points of interest[edit]

Go through the door at the start then enter the doorway in front of you to find a large room with several soldiers. There is a platform in this room that will take you up to an elevated ledge when stepped on, which you can follow round to a megaarmor pickup; watch out for the soldiers that are released behind you as you step off the elevator. The platform cannot be lowered once it has risen, but you can also double-jump up to the ledge to reach it.


  1. Open the wall on your left as soon as the level starts to find a backpack, a medikit and a box of shotgun shells.
  2. From the green rectangular room, leave through the left-hand corridor; this leads to a room containing a nukage "river". Drop down into the river and go left. You will reach a room containing a rocket launcher and various other supplies. (sector 99)
  3. The alcove at the north end of secret #2 is really a concealed platform; pulling the switch to the left of the platform will cause it to rise after a second's delay, but it can only be activated once so if you miss it then you will not be able to reach the supercharge (AKA mega health) pickup at the top.


  • Two of the alcoves in the "swastika room" are removed, further reducing that room's resemblance to the symbol.